Hi... My name is Chris and I invented the Rot-Not. I moved from Green Isle, MN a small town SW of Minneapolis. My 20 acre hobby farm was a great place to start my garden invention, Now living in Mount Hood, Parkdale, Oregon. I love it here and people have been so nice and welcoming. It's so beautiful and relaxing. The rainy seasons are exactly why I invented these in the first place.

   I came up with this idea from being a first-time gardener a few years ago. I went to my garden and picked up one after another of the melons and the bottoms all fell out rotten. I thought to myself I can't be the only one that has this problem, feeling what a waste of such wonderful fruit and vegetables.

   I was told to put the fruit up on cinder blocks, I was puzzled by this concept only because I couldn't see myself or anyone for that matter carrying a bunch of cinder blocks to the garden every year, then have to take them back to the storage shed. All I could see out of that is a trip to the ER for a pulled back.

   My invention is not only light weight, easy to use, but it is stackable. So when your garden season is done you rinse them off and store them nice and neatly in the shed.
   I thought of a recycled plastic device that has holes in the top so water would drain through, holes in the sides for the air to flow, keeping the fruit bottoms dry and no more ROT. Also less fruit flies because nothing sitting and rotting or other bugs like grubs eating all of your fruit.

   You set the fruit on it when it's young and now you won't have to turn them, no more breaking the stems off trying to turn them... after all, you have worked hard to get this far in your garden. Your harvest is now yours to eat instead of throwing away; saves on cost, waste, and a lot of anger. I see fruit at the grocery stores with one side all discolored and it's not appealing to the eye. A lot of fruit is passed over, wasted for that reason as well. With the Rot-Not you won't have that problem anymore.

   Testing this out in my own garden has been amazing. No more "belly rot," no more waste, no more breaking stems while turning. It's a great feeling that this product could help so many people save money with the economy the way it is. Every penny helps. Being made out of 50% recycled plastic and Made in the USA, trying to help the environment  and keeping the jobs here in the USA.

   Keeping the fruit for yourself and NOT in your garbage. The satisfaction of growing something yourself and being able to reap the rewards of it is priceless.