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Lindsey D 10 yearss ago
Hi, What a great product! Such a perfect idea! ...and your website is nice too! :)
John S 10 yearss ago
leatrice shaffer 10 yearss ago
Chris.....your amazing just like your invention....too bad I dont' have a garden.....
David L 10 yearss ago
wonderful idea I love the melon support.
Bill Augello 10 yearss ago
Awesome product!
PJ Kessler 10 yearss ago
Very cool product! Will save people lots of money if they use it. Great idea! I can't tell you how many different types of melons I've had to throw out before this product. Thanks!
Roger Branville 10 yearss ago
What great product and such an amazing invention so my watermelons don't rot anymore
Julie Branville 10 yearss ago
Amazing product... These should be sold everywhere.. All gardners regardless of there skill should have a few in there sheds.. I wouldnt be able to grow without them.. Thanx for putting out such a great product.
Joannie Kemling 10 yearss ago
Rot Not---my niece Chrissy must be the one with the brains in the family. I love this invention. I need to get on board with her and do some marketing. I really think this could fly!! My sissy PJ and I had a gold mine idea years ago but we got worn out before we could make it work. Tell your friends and family about Rot Not!! lu Chrissy :)
johnnie loughrey 10 yearss ago
just what it says it is! i have been a professional gardener for almost twenty years,i wholesale organic veggies to upscale five star restaurants throughout the united states. my profits have dramatically increased since using the rot-not. there is absolutley little waste. and my veggie business has never been better. i would recommend this to any gardener who want the absolute best veggies known to mankind! the rot-not is absolutely marvelous,and whoever invented such an incredible gardening tool is a total genius. thank you rot-not!!!!!!!!!!!!! and happy gardening.
jodi ecklund 10 yearss ago
Keri Stiles 10 yearss ago
looks good
Robert H 10 yearss ago
These things work GREAT
Sam j 10 yearss ago
Love this invention can't wait to be able to have a garden to try it out
Mike 10 yearss ago
Great idea and good luck.
teresa steele 10 yearss ago
smart thing to have
Barb aka BobbieT 10 yearss ago
Chris wishing you all the best with your invention the any chance do you send to Canada.....
Andrea Bahr 10 yearss ago
: )
Chris 10 yearss ago
I see the times are all messed up don't know why but I'll look into it!! Thanks so much everyone! Barb we can ship where you are!! Just put in your zip code and we'll get them to you!
Jeffrey smith 10 yearss ago
Skeptical at first, but after seeing the results I will not have another garden without this product. Doubled the size of my watermelons and my pumpkins were fit for Picaso.
Kathie Dyer 10 yearss ago
love it, can't wait to have my garden in CA and use them!
DeweyT 10 yearss ago
Love the concept...can't wait to get one for my garden next spring!
Tim Nygren 10 yearss ago
Awesome product!
Susan Diamond 10 yearss ago
Love the Rot-Not!! Perfect for indoors and outdoors keeping fruit from rotting on the bottom! Smart idea Chrissy!!
Kim Peterson 10 yearss ago
What fabulous invention! I can't wait to have my pumpkins flawless!
Jean Anderson 10 yearss ago
What great product and such an amazing invention... good luck on the new business :)
Denise Graff 10 yearss ago
These are the coolest invention ever! Even in such great colors! A must have for EVERY gardener!
Denise Graff 10 yearss ago
Such a great invention! A must have for EVERY gardener! THey even come in such great colors!
Scott Raschke 10 yearss ago
Best garden product I have ever used.. Not only thumbs up but two thumbs up!!!
Sara Theis 10 yearss ago
I believe this is an awesome idea....of course i would it is my sisters....but is a heck of an and useful.....any gardener would be crazy not to have them!!!way to go sis!!!
larry c 10 yearss ago
Super idea, can't wait to try in my pumpkin patch!
Brian Lindholt 10 yearss ago
The best product out there. Im sure glad i bought the rot not
Tom F 10 yearss ago
I think that it is a great Idea. Everyone should have some rot nots.
Levi 10 yearss ago
Best idea ever!!!
MikeCA 10 yearss ago
Now you will always have the best looking melons....
Joel N 10 yearss ago
What a long over due product, what took so long?
Todd Myhre 10 yearss ago
Great idea. No more growing big melons just to have them rot on the vine.
troy erickson 10 yearss ago
Awesome idea!
Brian Seek 10 yearss ago
Great idea. I'll be getting me some in the spring.
Larry & Sue 10 yearss ago
We love your product. Thanks Chrissy, We love you too.
Jeavonna Chapman 10 yearss ago
Cute product. Great solution to a major annoyance.
mary 10 yearss ago
Mary Balmes 9 yearss ago
Looks like a well needed item, congratulations on your success :)
Mike Bosse 8 yearss ago
Great Job!! So many people have this problem and such a simple idea with Huge cost savings. Made in USA & from recycled plastic too, HUGE plus there.
Oregon is gong to LOVE these.. I already do.
Ronda Rieder 8 yearss ago
Fabulous idea! Love the colors because if nothing else grows in my garden at least there will be some bright color out there.
You know by now:) 8 yearss ago
I've found a much better and cheaper way to prevent melon and squash rot. I save the very stiff round untreated and completely biodegradable centers from rolls of duct-tape. I place one or two of them under each squash or melon. They actually can be reused for several years and provide plenty of aeration. Plus they are free.

$15 saved in a retirement account earning 5% for a period of 30 years will be worth $65. A much better use of the money.
Satisfied Customer 8 yearss ago
I am laughing at the last persons comment. He saves the inner rolls of duct tape but yet its free? How many rolls of duct tape can a person use in a years time to put 1-2 under each melon.. Holy cow that's $3.00 each at any store I have seen. Because last time I checked I never saw just the inner rolls at the store or just laying around. That's a lot of duct tape being used Mr. Where is that decomposing? OHH that's right its NOT. So doesn't make sense. Plenty or aeration? They would sink in the mud and soak up water, the melon would end up right back where it started in the mud. It would leave a ring around whatever melon you are setting them under unlike this product.
I bought $30 worth of the Rot Nots the first year 2011 and had same ones ever since.. In my garden, in my house, I use it for many things not just in the garden. I bought them and I have not wasted 1 melon I put them under. To me that's priceless. That's money in my pocket all day and every time I don't have to purchase a melon at the store with the costs now a days no way. You can keep your $65. Might need more duct tape. They are made to last, made from recycled plastic and you can recycle them. Put them in the dishwasher.
I'am all for peoples opinion but don't tell me how to spend my money on a quality product. And its Made in the USA NOT China like everything else is. Give the girl credit for keeping and making something with the USA label on it.
Susan Kessler Diamond 4 yearss ago
Great invention! Nice website!
Tommy Stockstill 1 years ago
I work at Mndot Dresbach D6. I have a couple of inventions my wife and I came up with. It would be cool to talk to you sometime. Tommy Stockstill

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